Purchase a KiLine Robot – Bottle personalization

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Get your own personalization robot.

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Your robot is programmed to customize 3 types of bottles :

– the classic cylindrical Bordeaux bottle (74 to 78 mm diameter)

– the classic cylindrical Burgundy bottle (82 to 86 mm diameter)

– the classic cylindrical Champagne bottle (88 to 92 mm diameter)

From the supplied 10″ tablet, you can simply choose :

– Horizontal and vertical writing possible on the bottle.

– 1 to 2 lines of text up to 25 letters per line.

– 5 different fonts available.

– 8 different icons available.
– Position up to 2 lines of text and your icon as you wish on the markable surface.

On this site, in a few clicks, buy the best enhancement of your bottles: KiLine will add a name, a message, a special attention that will make this bottle and its tasting unique.


– Power supply, tablet (10″) for the interaction provided.
– 10 permanent markers supplied (3 gold, 3 silver, 2 copper, 1 white, 1 black). Reference provided to buy the next ones (~3€ per marker).
   11 colors available
– Remote supervision possible via WiFi.
– Robot initialization and programming.
– Remote update possible (addition of new icons, fonts or products to customize).
– No license to renew.
– Delivery included to Metropolitan France estimated at 1 month after the order. Please contact us for other locations.


Additional information

Deliveries and collections

Delivery in France included only (contact us for other locations).By default, the robot is delivered to your prefered location on a pallet.


For particular needs, contact us: order@keyinfuser.com