How to make people discover your new applications while common advertising methods don’t fit?

KiOne helps the Adoption of your digital tools.

Key Infuser proposes to simplify and accelerate the adoption of new digital devices : this for any smartphone’s application and connected objects (smart watches, trackers, home automation, etc).

Key Infuser develops and sells KiOne an interactive robotized platform equipped with a robot that interacts with the smartphone and eventually the devices to be presented. When a customer presses a button, the robotized arm executes a predefined series of actions to present the functions of the application (or the Connected Object), as a salesperson would do, in a consistent and repeatable way. In addition to the robot, the Platform includes a smartphone, a display and a 3G/4G or WiFi internet access.

Customer’s usage statistics on the platform are recorded in the Cloud, for the vendor or the distributor to observe their interest in real time: How many times the demonstrator is used, which demonstrations are most popular, timing of affluence, etc .



Educate on new Digital Experiences

Robots can facilitate discovery and opportunities for learning


Entertain while waiting

Through a subtle light show and movements of our robot, customers are encouraged to start a demonstration. Thanks to this entertainment, waiting lines seem shorter.


give emotion

Customers are first attracted by our small robot and curious to see what it is up to ! Their attention is then all focused towards an interactive live demonstration.



A powerful marketing tool which leads to a massive user adoption of your new digital experience

The Ice Breaker :
KiOne does not talk but makes people talk … and smile ! !

““KiOne is a great marketing tool: no risk of failing the demo during the explanations …”

It cares about the painful part:
“A single robot made up to 120 minutes of demo per day. The Sales Representative was able to focus on more qualified interactions.”

KiOne is a brand ambassador for your digital content

Carrefour Banque CEO, Julien Jaillon has immediately seen the many facets of KiOne.
KiOnes have indeed been used at Carrefour Banque HQ and other offices to educate employees on its new innovative mobile app. Others have been deployed in customer areas, to entertain customers while they were waiting, and at the same time to raise their awareness of Carrefour’s new product. Lastly, another few KiOnes were taken to various remarkable events to demonstrate the app.


KiOne highlights your product for special events

cy_wdrzweaazup0-jpg-largeHow to distinguish connected frames from other glasses? KiOne was perceived as the key solution for Philippe Peyrard, CEO of Ellcie Healthy. With KiOne, the visitor is immediately immersed into Ellcie Healthy’s world: the added value of the connected frames becomes obvious as KiOne demonstrates its features via the mobile app.

KiOne is particularly designed for special events. As a robot it piques people’s curiosity and transforms your stand into a must see. Your small robot will then fully play its role of educating your customers about your product. We tailored KiOne to Clarteis Exciplex’s special needs.


Discover KiOne‘s Features

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The demonstration platform is composed of a portable stand, two buttons, a robotic arm, an embedded processor and a display screen. The same demonstration platform, once installed in a store, can be used to present different demos over time.
The smartphone can be provided by Key Infuser or by the customer himself if it corresponds to one of the supported smartphone models. When WiFi is not an option, the 3G/4G data subscription can be provided by Key Infuser or by the Customer directly. This subscription is used for remote support and to record usage statistics.
Key Infuser includes a service to program the embedded processor in order for the robot to perform flawlessly the desired demonstration.


The marketing statistics subscription enables to receive the usage statistics and interest for the platform and the object in real time and in historical graph. The dashboard includes as well geopositioning of the platforms.
Display size : 7 inches
Smartphone : Android
Network : 3G/4G or WiFi
Power: 12V – 5A