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How to make people discover your new digital features when common advertising methods don’t fit ?

KiOne helps the Adoption of your digital tools. He is the bond between the client and your products. No filter.

On smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, the KiOne robot makes himself coach and explains the visitor, through demonstration, the value and the simplicity of the digital applications.

Key Infuser develops and sells a unique demonstration platform that contains a robot, KiOne, who interacts with the digital interfaces. Through a subtle staging, he present the most important functions while executing them live, without faking, with no video. Additionally to the robotized arm, the demonstration platform has a smartphone, a visualization screen, a 3G/4G or WiFi internet access (to follow performances remotely) and buttons, who enable visitors to execute demonstrations.

The client usage statistics on the platform are saved on the Cloud so that the furnisher or the distributor can observe the client’s interest in real time: how many demonstrations are launched, which designs are the most popular, the moment of affluence etc.

explains new digital usages

Robots facilitate learning and adoption of new concepts.

The salespeople’s assistant

Through a subtle staging of the robot, the clients are invited to start the demonstration, making their waiting time more pleasant and educational or enabling the salesperson to back up his speech in all serenity.

Surprises, gives emotion

The clients are first attracted by the small robot and curious to discover what he will do. Their attention is then focused on the interactive demonstration.

Facilitates ROI

A powerful marketing tool with an ultra competitive cost per contact. The robot provides customer data and optimizes costs all while offering reliable and repetitive experiences.

The Ice Breaker :
KiOne does not talk but makes people talk … and smile ! !

“KiOne is a great marketing tool: no risk of failing the demo during the explanations …”

it takes care of the painful part
“A single robot made up to 120 minutes of demo per day. The Sales Representative was able to focus on more qualified interactions.”

KiOne is an ambassador of your brand and your digital content

Carrefour Banque CEO, Julien Jaillon has immediately seen the many facets of KiOne.
KiOnes have indeed been used at Carrefour Banque HQ and other offices to educate employees on its new innovative mobile app. Others have been deployed in customer areas, to entertain customers while they were waiting, and at the same time to raise their awareness of Carrefour’s new product. Lastly, another few KiOnes were taken to various remarkable events to demonstrate the app.

KiOne highlights your product for special events

How to distinguish connected frames from other glasses? KiOne was perceived as the key solution for Philippe Peyrard, CEO of Ellcie Healthy. With KiOne, the visitor is immediately immersed into Ellcie Healthy’s world: the added value of the connected frames becomes obvious as KiOne demonstrates its features via the mobile app.

KiOne is particularly designed for special events. As a robot it piques people’s curiosity and transforms your stand into a must-see. Your small robot will then fully play its role of educating customers about your product. We tailored KiOne to Clarteis Exciplex’s special needs.

A simple, fast and efficient implementation

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