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If most software editors already have emulated tests for their digital applications on smartphones, tablets, or specific digital interfaces, nothing replaces real-life tests. These tests must be performed manually: they are costly, and human error is inevitable. It becomes essential to automate these tasks in a simple and efficient way while keeping the “real” side.

“If it’s not tested, it doesn’t work.”

Key Infuser offers 2 KiTest robots to assist you in real-life testing and interaction with digital devices:


For test automation in real conditions.


For remote control of your digital interfaces for example for telecommuting.


For tests in Real Conditions

No intrusive SW. The interaction is exactly as a human would do.

For any type of Digital device

  Android, iOs, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, etc.

Easy to Program

You show the scenario once to the robot, and the scenario is replayed as many time as needed.

Also for events

A special mode exists for showcasing your applications.

Enhanced Features

You can also edit the scenarios for specific moves, actions, loops, validation pictures addition, etc.


They trust us

KiTEST, for test automation in real conditions.

KiTest is the digital testing robot designed for software editors. It is able to demonstrate and test devices in real conditions. It is easily programmable, even by an unskilled person: you just have to show him manually his actions and the robot reproduces them. Alternatively or in addition, it is also possible to program it using a very simple code.

KiTest is a tireless tester. Indeed, the scenarios can be repeated as many times as the user wants.

The testing phase, during the development of a software, is essential to detect potential malfunctions or bugs, and this phase takes time. KiTest will save time and make your products more reliable.

Vidéo d’aide à l’utilisation

The user interacts with KiTest via a web browser on the tablet or on his PC. A graphical interface is provided to direct the robot, program the scenarios, load them, save them, replay them, etc.

KiTest being equipped with a camera, the tests can be verified thanks to its “photo” option programmable in the scenarios.

After recording new scenarios or from the beginning, it is also possible to code your scenarios in a very simple language.
For more experienced users, this language also allows to control many parameters such as the speed of the presses, swipes, synchronization of actions, etc.

KiTest offers an “EVENT” mode so that your scenarios can be played and elegantly presented. In this case the platform is covered with a transparent display and locked to protect the device and the robot.

KiTEST_REMOTE for telecommuting

The KiTest_Remote Robot is the tool to monitor your digital screens remotely, for example for telecommuting. You take control of the robot remotely from any location and click LIVE on your screen via the robot.
As with KiTest, you can record your actions and replay them, modify your scenarios, etc.
Note that the connection with the robot can be done without using the company network directly.


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