Key Infuser

Key Infuser develops and sells innovative, accessible and sustainable robotic solutions focused on user experience around the “touch technology”.


The robot KiLine is the product personalization artist; he can draw and write on products: bottles, cards, package, etc. Personalization is the new big trend in retail: according to Deloitte, 42 % of consumers are interested in technology to customize products. KiLine provides a unique and stylish experience.


The robot KiOne is as tall as a smartphone and knows how to use it! It attracts your leads in retail, events and e-Commerce while educating your target: via the robot, the user experiments  any digital experience (smartphones, IoT, apps) thanks to the patented “Touch” technology.


The robot KiTest is dedicated to digital product interfacing and testing in real conditions. Whether those are for applications, smartphones, tablets or automotive devices, tests in real conditions are unavoidable while they are so time consuming. KiTest eases the test programming, automates the testing and can even be controlled remotely.

Our robot’s promises

Surprises, amazes

Robots add a special dimension : they never leave people indifferent. Here, they use this bond with the visitor to help him project into the use of the highlighted product.

The salespeople’s assistant

Whether they present a product or personalize it, the robots optimize manual tasks in a convivial and elegant way, hereby helping the salespeople focus on customer relationship.

Optimizes ROI

A powerful marketing tool with an an ultra competitive cost per contact. Our robots provide customer data and optimize costs while offering reliable and repetitive experiences.

The numbers

Key Infuser robots are deployed in 23 different countries and have provided more than 200,000 experiences to visitors in stores and during events.

They trust us


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CSR at the heart of our company

Key Infuser is committed to a CSR approach. We ensure that this approach is in place at all levels and with all our stakeholders.
In 2023, we have chosen to have our approach assessed by the international platform Ecovadis. With a score of 70/100, we are in the top 5% of companies evaluated in our sector.


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