Key Infuser

Key Infuser develops and sells innovative robotic solutions focused on user experience around the “touch technology”.



The robot KiOne is as tall as a smartphone and knows how to use it! It attracts your leads in Retail, events and e-Commerce while educating your target: the user experiments via the robot any digital experience (smartphones, IoT, apps) thanks to the patented “Touch” technology.

KiOne’s promise



A powerful marketing tool which leads to users adoption of your new digital experience with no need to train your staff


give emotion

Customers are first attracted by our small robot and curious to see what it is up to ! Their attention is then all focused towards an interactive live demonstration.


Educate on new Digital Experiences

Robots can facilitate discovery and opportunities for learning


Entertain while waiting

Through a subtle light show and movements of our robot, customers are encouraged to start a demonstration. Thanks to this entertainment, waiting lines seem shorter.


The KiOne robots are deployed in 10 different countries and have launched more than 100,000 demos.