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How to personalize luxury products while being innovative and efficient ?  

KiLine’s proposition follows the trend of product personalization, according to which more than 50% of customers would be willing to pay more for a personalized product (The Deloitte Consumer Review, 2019), but in an innovative way.

In retail and events, the robot KiLine appeals to visitors thanks to his unique graphic design talents. 

Bring the “wow-effect” into your retail stores and make the difference.

Key Infuser develops and sells KiLine, an interactive robotized platform equipped with a robot that interacts with a tablet where customers can draw, write or choose an already existing visual design. KiLine then immediately reproduces their creation on a variety if supports such as bottles, giftcards, packages, etc. Those can be of complex shape. The marking is done typically in less than 1 minute,  with permanent markers. 

KiLine combines both product personalization and retailtainment in stores and events. The graphist robot personalizes your products with style and magic. It makes no noise, requires no special installation, no special training. Just a standard power outlet and a small space on your shelves.

Customer’s usage statistics on the platform are recorded in the Cloud, for the vendor or the distributor to observe customer interest in real time: how many times the robot is used, which designs are most popular, timing of affluence, etc. These KPI will help you to orient your marketing strategy in retail and be more effective regarding to your customer’s expectations.


elegant performance

Robotized personalization offers a unique show, dedicated to the client. 

One-to-one Marketing

By involving the client in a co-creation procedure, the brand creates a relationship with his clients in the long term. 

surprises, gives emotion

By betting on emotional marketing, the experience becomes memorable. 

facilitates roi

A powerful marketing tool with an an ultra competitive cost per contact. Our robots provide customer data and optimize costs while offering reliable and repetitive experiences.


A simple, fast and efficient implementation


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