AD-HOC Solution for demo

Your digital solution demonstrated by one or several KiOnes on your booth, on your showroom.


If you’d like to:

  • demonstrate more than 1 app with the same robot
  • or demonstrate interactions between 2 or more smartphones or tablets ?
  • or demonstrate an unstable application, which requires a network access not necessarily functional during the event
  • or demonstrate more than 2 features within the same app, for example the support of several languages
  • or interact directly with a connected device , a payment terminal , another type of product
  • or install the robot in your furniture
  • or create an interactive animation with the robot

To attract more leads, to stand out, KiOne will make it special.
Book the best application’s valuation on trade show and retail: KiOne will attract, make all the desired demonstrations and will never fail.

We have the hi-tech solution just for you: contact us