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The KiTest_Remote Robot is the tool to monitor your  digital screens remotely, for example for telecommuting. You take control of the robot remotely from any location and click LIVE on your screen via the robot.

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The KiTest_Remote robot is a tool that allows you to test digital devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). You interact remotely on a digital screen thanks to the robot that reproduces your gestures or you program the movements that the robot will replay as many times as desired.


The user interacts with KiTest_Remote via a web browser  on her/his PC. A graphical interface is provided to direct the robot, program the scenarios, load them, save them, replay them, etc.

As with KiTest, you can record your actions and replay them, modify your scenarios, etc.
Note that the connection with the robot can be done without using the company network directly.

After recording new scenarios or from the beginning, it is also possible to code your scenarios in a very simple language.
For more experienced users, this language also allows to control many parameters such as the speed of the presses, swipes, synchronization of actions, etc.

– Power supply included
– Mounted Camera supplied
–  Test area : 315 mm x 175 mm
– One remotely controllable relay typically for powering ON/OFF the digital screen :  10A max, VDC between 3 and 60V.
– Ethernet connection.
– Programmed Robot with its software.
– License for 1 year included (240€ exc. VAT / y).
– Remote update possible.
– Delivery included in Metropolitan France estimated at 1 month after the order. Contact us directly for other destinations or for particular options: order@keyinfuser.com

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Delivery in France included only (contact us for other locations).By default, the robot is delivered to your prefered location on a pallet.


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