KiOne’s Plateform has 4 components :

The demonstration platform is composed of a portable stand, two buttons, a robotic arm, an embedded processor and a display screen.
The same demonstration platform, once installed in a store, can be used to present different demos over time.

The smartphone is plugged into the demonstration platform. The smartphone can be provided by Key Infuser or by the customer himself. In this case, the smartphone has to correspond to one of the supported smartphone models.

The 3G/4G data subscription from a local Telecom Operator can be provided by Key Infuser or by the Customer directly. This subscription is used for remote support and to record usage statistics.

The Connected Object Module is used to plug the connected object to be presented on the demonstration platform. This Module includes the demonstration program specific to the object itself.
key Infuser includes with the Connected Object Module a service to program the embedded processor in order for the robotized arm to perform the desired demonstration.

The marketing statistics subscription enables to receive the usage statistics and interest for the platform and the object in real time and in historical graph. The dashboard includes as well geolocalization of the platforms.


Product V1.03
Product size: 450 x 310 x 345  mm
Display size : 7 inches
Smartphone : Android 4.4
Network : 3G/4G or WiFi
Power: 12V – 5A

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