Let the show begin!

The weather wasn’t at its best last April. This didn’t stop the team from Midi en France entertaining their audience, with great reports about our region, among which reports dedicated to “made in France”.

The journalist, Nathalie Schraen-Guirma, had no difficulty adopting KiOne! He’s now the new TV star, next to our two magicians Corentin and Matthias.

Accenture Labs acquires 2 new residents


Innovation, new usage’s discovery, all this is part of Accenture’s DNA. So, when Accenture met KiOne, the alchemy created itself immediately…

And that’s how 2 motivated KiOnes joined the digital innovations of Accenture R&D Labs, excited to be part of this Future !

Carrefour Banque’s innovative product revealed with KiOne


Carrefour Banque just launched an incredible product called C-Zam : a credit card that you can buy on supermarket shelves and which you can activate in less than 10 minutes !

The KiOnes are proud to prove this technological achievement. At Carrefour and Carrefour Banque’s  corporate offices, and in stores like in Villiers en Bière, the robots show you how to open an account “easy peasy” and all the great functionalities : transfer funds, manage caps, retrieve your passcode, etc.

Robotics technology highlighting fintech, its relevance and its usability,  mission accomplished !