Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters


This year,  At Monaco Telecom’s VIP showroom, our demonstrators have shown once again their skills. On a shinny area, packaged in white and red, they were just a few steps away from the greatest tennis players…



Robots conquer retail world

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After the Orange Startup days, here we are back at Orange Antibes stores. And it is the opportunity to present our new robot,  Johnny Pecker,  nickname given by our dev team. Probably because of its unusual way to be noticed by the customers…




Meetings at BA06Event


This 23 March 2016, we were at the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Nice for the 6th edition of the BA06 event. It was a great opportunity to meet different people of interest around the startups business ecosystem.

Infusing at Monaco Telecom

huawei smartwatche

Key Infuser developed for Monaco Telecom two demonstrators for their main shop, rue du Gabian in Fontvieille, for the Christmas period from December 10 to 21.

The platforms presented a Huawei SmartWatch and a HTC Re camera. A very simple in-store installation, where you place the demonstrators, plug the power and they initialize themselves without the intervention of technician.

The demonstration that proved to be the most popular was the geolocalization and guidance function by the Huawei watch. And our robotic arm didn’t balk all day long to swipe on the connected watch and indicate on googlemap the route to get to a specific place.

A big thanks to the Monaco Telecom team for their very warm welcome !


monaco telecom

Key Infuser at Orange Stores

IMG_0980Good feedbacks at the Orange Start-up days last week where key infuser was present at Orange’s boutiques in Cannes, Antibes and Grasse with their robotised demonstrator. Three key feedbacks for In-Store marketing: Visitors want interactive démos, want to be educated on Connected Objects applications, expect a different experience instore versus text and videos they can watch on Internet.



orange_cash   with_htc

Key Infuser is finalist of EIT Digital Idea Challenge

eitfinalistOverall, we were 461 startups from 26 different countries to submit to the EIT Digital contest. In our category, Cyber Physical Systems , there were only 9 startups selected as finalists. December 4th, during the final we will explain how the emergence of 2 new technologies helped us to transform the in-store sales paradigm and propose this interactive demonstrator, highly relevant to our retail customers and their in-store visitors. We will share our vision, developments, and how the EIT Digital program will support us. EIT ICT Labs Idea Challenge is a europan Innovation challenge to detect and support the best digital startup in Europe with a high growth potential.

5000 visitors at the Village des Sciences et de l’Innovation

After Digital(in)Store 2015, it is a completely different public that waited us at Village de la Science at the Antibes Juan-les-Pins Congress Center: Families, kids, people from all ages, each having very different perspectives on what is a Connected Object.

If some are still reluctant to use a Smartphone (don’t even mention a Connected Object !), it is perhaps the youngests who were the most excited about those new technologies. Like this 10 years old girl explaining us simply: « Connected Objects ? That’s easy, those are objects that talk to our phone » .

Our two Key Infuser demonstrators executed very precisly their mission: surprise and prepare a sale:

  • « It’s fabulous ! » exclaimed the girl towards her father.
  • « Where can we buy those products ? » asked severall visitors. They were surprised to learn that the activity tracker, the connected camera were already in sales in shops and high tech boutiques . We can blame them: placed on a shelf, who would realize the full potential of those interactive devices ?

Digital-in-Store, we were there !


Key Infuser attended for the first time the Digital (In) Store (Paris, Sep 21-23, 2015) event.

A very first to present our connected object’s demonstrator for a professionnal audience  and learn about latest retail trends.

We have to admit, there was not many stands to talk about Connected Objects; clearly a new topic, but we had great discussions and we validated the key aspects of the solution: A real issue to sell Connected Objects in stores that requires more interactivity and more education that current solutions (videos, etc …) deliver  today.

Our solution, demonstrating real connected objects, like a sales person would do, gathered a lot of attention and attracted people on our booth. Our “Wow” promise had also been validated 😉

The connected objects we demonstrated with our robotised plaform where a Jawbone activity tracker and a HTC RE camera.

In the end, long 3 days on the booth, but worthwhile the effort ! visits Start-ups around the world


… et c’est tout naturellement que nous leur ouvrons nos portes.

Sauf que c’est la première fois que nous accueillons un journaliste dans nos bureaux. Est-ce qu’on doit ranger le petit bazar habituel ? Les reliquats de l’imprimante 3D ? les cartons détournés ? Les outils ? L’oscillo ? Oui, probablement. Mais alors on ne s’y retrouve plus. Et en plus, ce ne serait plus vraiment Key Infuser. Tant pis, il y a de la vie, de l’émulation dans ce bureau et nous l’assumons…
Ouf, Alice Patalacci, la journaliste n’a pas paru épouvantée. Et l’entretien s’est bien très déroulé. < voir > Bien entendu, il n’a pas été question de ces détails logistiques…

Press Release and Video on Nice-Matin

L’immense presse imposante à l’entrée du siège du Nice-Matin nous rappelle le moyen majeur de diffusion d’il y a quelques années…
Aujourd’hui, les mots, les idées pour présenter notre société ne se matérialiseront pas que sous la forme d’un article papier . Il y aura aussi un article web et un entretien vidéo.
Tout ceci grâce au programme de promotion des Start-Ups mené par BA06, le fonds de l’UPE06.