Carrefour Banque’s innovative product revealed with KiOne


Carrefour Banque just launched an incredible product called C-Zam : a credit card that you can buy on supermarket shelves and which you can activate in less than 10 minutes !

The KiOnes are proud to prove this technological achievement. At Carrefour and Carrefour Banque’s  corporate offices, and in stores like in Villiers en Bière, the robots show you how to open an account “easy peasy” and all the great functionalities : transfer funds, manage caps, retrieve your passcode, etc.

Robotics technology highlighting fintech, its relevance and its usability,  mission accomplished !

KiOne’s future drawn by a group of students at SKEMA Business School

As part of their studies Skema’s students had a brand new mission this semester: imagine how KiOne’s abilities could be exploited for brand new use cases. Students haven’t lacked imagination! Not only were their ideas original but also very pertinent.
Electing the best concept hasn’t been an easy task. The winner of this entrepreneurship contest brings KiOne into a brand new world: agriculture. Meet KiOne’s sister, namely KiFlora.

Many thanks to the students and their teachers Renata Kaminska and Bruno Cirillo !


The red carpet rolled out for KiOne at the Bouygues Innovation Days


Those two days have been an immersion into a new era: new sensors to help monitor air quality, easy ways to book parking spaces, the new standards LoRa, 5G and plenty more innovations.

KiOne also performed most commendably. He was demonstrating the use of the Samsung Gear S3 watch. The watch capabilities go way beyond a traditional watch, and our small robot is the best at highlighting them.

Now KiOne has joined the Sphère, amongst the most innovative new products presented by Bouygues Telecom

KiOne settles in l’Echangeur by BNP Paribas PF


C5_RWc1WcAApJ6-It happened during the excellent conference #CommerceReloaded  at the Echangeur  in BNP Paribas Personal Finance headquarters. First, KiOne presented himself as a witness of the robotics tendancies in retail at the Start-Up village.  It met his fans who came also for listening to the future retail experts: Nicolas Diacono, Guillaume Rio and Cécile Gauffriau.

Then, he settled in the Echangeur Showroom. Visitors seeking new immersive retail experience will be able to discover KiOne in flesh and blood !




Back from the CES!

20170105_142820We did anticipate the CES would help us get in touch with international customers, distributors and investors, but it is way more than that. Partnerships have indeed emerged, and we have also benefited from a great media coverage.

Last but not least KiOne has attracted many visitors from all over the world, which makes us proud of him. Thanks to his design we fulfilled our promise of attracting customers.

Now we gathered all ingredients to be ready for our product launch in March!


#CES2017 IOTA Design puts its thumbprint on KiOne, the robot-finger

Key Infuser will present its robot, KiOne, at the CES in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January 2017. This “robot-finger” has benefited from a new exceptional design signed by IOTA and which will be unveiled as a world premiere at the CES 2017.


KiOne was designed from its inception not to embrace the codes of a standard “humanoid” posture; it must be small enough to not overshadow the object to be highlighted, and sublimate it in a high-tech jewelry box. KiOne has to be precise and delicate to interact directly with objects and the smartphone.
He must stir, express few simple emotions to create a strong pedagogical connection when he demonstrates a product.

M. Philippe ARNAUD, IOTA Design Agency’s CEO: “Our objective for this design: highlight the connected product in a clean and soft case, while emphasizing the design of the robot, contrasted and drawn in the manner of an industrial robot arm. Robots, present in industry, are now within the reach of everyone, they arouse wonder and touch directly the children’s part of our souls. From the first drawing on the board to the final functional prototype, the IOTA team was passionate by this project, a true collaboration with Key Infuser, which led to KiOne and to Key Infuser brand’s identity.

Ms. Domitille Esnard-Domerego, Key Infuser’s CEO: “Working with IOTA seemed obvious: Philippe and his team immediately perceived the importance of the robot in our promise to demonstrate and explain complex products. Giving the robot a personality,  fluidity in a technological context make our pedagogical message much simpler and easier to propose: KiOne is appealing, we want to discover which surprises he has for us.

The graphic and ergonomic dimension delivered by IOTA’s design led to a remarkable object that reflects the values implied by KiOne: education, contextual presentation, surprise, thrill and propose different scenarios.
KiOne will be presented as a world premiere, on booth # 51604, Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G  at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, at Eureka Park, which unites the world’s top 450 startups.

About KiOne
KiOne is a robot which helps people adopt complex products such as connected devices via pedagogy. By performing demonstrations of the product in front of the visitor,  KiOne provides valuable help in understanding the use of the object, in a playful and easy to access way.

About Key Infuser
Created in June 2015, Key Infuser is a French startup hosted by Telecom Paristech Eurecom incubator and member of the France’s SCS Competitiveness Cluster; Key Infuser designs and develops innovative solutions, with specific expertise in robotics, embedded computing and connected objects.

About IOTA
The IOTA Design Agency was created in 1999 in Paris, with the aim to inject designs to companies who are challengers in their domain. Composed of design enthusiasts in all its forms, the team of 8 creatives intervenes in all spheres of design (product and visual communication). The foundation remains the product design, and who can better influence the product’s communication, than the team who designed it.


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Health Future Show – Eurobiomed



Keyinfuser demonstrator and the connected glasses Ellcie-Healthy in symbiosis at Health Future Show – Eurobiomed. KI ONE, a frame for Ellcie-Healthy frames !

KiOne was present at the Health Future Show in Marseille on 6 december 2016. It demonstrated startup’s Ellcie-Healthy smart and connected glasses and their application.           


Trends Hub at MAPIC

The MAPIC, the 1st international exhibition dedicated to retail property market, hosted in Cannes last 16-17 November 2016. This year, for the first time, a 1 000m2 area called “Trends Hub” was dedicated to Innovation. Key Infuser was there to present KiOne robot’s  new design.

20161130_143503_resizedInteresting discussions about the product and about the interest of the technology to increase customer’s experience in retail (shopping center’s application demo, etc).

We thank Pôle de Compétitivité SCS de la région PACA  for this opportunity to have a booth during this prestigious event.

Key Infuser awarded by Huawei Digital #InPulse contest


First the selections, then the finale of the competition in front of an expert jury. We are very pleased to receive the 3rd award of the Huawei Digital #Inpulse competition 2016.

We are proud of being recognized by Huawei,  a player in our market, a smartphone and digital devices manufacturer. We will use this award and this financial grant for accelerating our development.
… To be followed….



Retail market and Connected Objects

Retail is experiencing a profound change with Digital Technologies and was the subject of a meeting Retail Market and Connected Objects organized by Pôle SCS on July 5 at Sophia Antipolis (France):

Interesting meeting with a detailed analysis of issues by KPMG, and with Retailers,  namely Sonae and Micromania, illustrating their perspectives by concrete deployment cases in France and abroad.

Key Infuser was present with the robotic platform to demonstrate the real wow effect of our promise.

Phygital becomes a reality; improving the customer experience and reasons for going back to stores suggest more education and demonstration – at heart of Key Infuser’s value proposition.