CES 2019

And we’re back, two years after starting our business for real at the CES. In the mean-time KiOne had travelled quite a few miles, with a presence in no less than 7 countries. Perfect timing to come back to the Eureka Park with two novelties: a smart KiOne which has fully grasped the art of writing, and our last innovation, “KiBox”.
KiBox is meant for retail agencies with not only its ability to be integrated in any type of furniture, but also its numerous peripherals leaving room to plenty of imagination (controlled via a tablet, synchronization with other objects etc)

The robots have once more enlightened the day of many visitors while guiding them to the use of the products they were demonstrating.

Key Infuser joins the Digital Marketing Innovation World Cup’s Hall of Fame

PitchHighly creative and disruptive solutions for Digital Marketing were brought on stage at the world trade fair Dmexco in Cologne last September. Key Infuser was one of the 16 finalists, chosen by an international expert jury, competing to become the “Digital Marketing 2017 Innovator of the Year”. Our robot KiOne, who proudly represented France, went home with a trophy !

Frank Schneider and Christian Muche, initiators of dmexco, state “We have started this exciting initiative with the Innovation World Cup Series and are really thrilled about the bandwidth of solutions who are showing the future pathway of how IoT is changing the digital marketing landscape. We celebrate the innovation and entrepreneurship of those helping shape the future of the Internet of Things and are proud to contribute a small part to the success of our 16 Digital Marketing Heroes and their breakthrough solutions.

It was also a great opportunity to attend the Dmexco event where new contacts, mostly on the German market, have been initiated.


Sprechen Sie Deutsch ?

Key Infuser is proud to be nominated as one of the top finalists of the Digital Marketing Innovations World Cup 2017, which will be held in Cologne. Pitches and awards will be part of the DMexco (Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference) show, September 13 & 14.
This is part of our international expansion strategy. Come and meet us there, KiOne is part of the trip!



VivaTech, innovations not to be missed: KiOne was there

Even though VivaTech is a relatively recent event, it already is a must see. This show, which is dedicated to startups and innovations in large companies, has hosted no less than 50000 visitors. KiOne couldn’t miss it. Not only were we present on our own booth, thanks to “région PACA”, but also on Valeo’s with Ellcie Healthy and Carrefour’s. Is there any better way than KiOne to highlight the value of connected frames or a new banking application?

Once more KiOne has aroused interest of a wide variety of customers in the products it was demonstrating.


Let the show begin!

The weather wasn’t at its best last April. This didn’t stop the team from Midi en France entertaining their audience, with great reports about our region, among which reports dedicated to “made in France”.

The journalist, Nathalie Schraen-Guirma, had no difficulty adopting KiOne! He’s now the new TV star, next to our two magicians Corentin and Matthias.

KiOne’s future drawn by a group of students at SKEMA Business School

As part of their studies Skema’s students had a brand new mission this semester: imagine how KiOne’s abilities could be exploited for brand new use cases. Students haven’t lacked imagination! Not only were their ideas original but also very pertinent.
Electing the best concept hasn’t been an easy task. The winner of this entrepreneurship contest brings KiOne into a brand new world: agriculture. Meet KiOne’s sister, namely KiFlora.

Many thanks to the students and their teachers Renata Kaminska and Bruno Cirillo !


The red carpet rolled out for KiOne at the Bouygues Innovation Days


Those two days have been an immersion into a new era: new sensors to help monitor air quality, easy ways to book parking spaces, the new standards LoRa, 5G and plenty more innovations.

KiOne also performed most commendably. He was demonstrating the use of the Samsung Gear S3 watch. The watch capabilities go way beyond a traditional watch, and our small robot is the best at highlighting them.

Now KiOne has joined the Sphère, amongst the most innovative new products presented by Bouygues Telecom

Back from the CES!

20170105_142820We did anticipate the CES would help us get in touch with international customers, distributors and investors, but it is way more than that. Partnerships have indeed emerged, and we have also benefited from a great media coverage.

Last but not least KiOne has attracted many visitors from all over the world, which makes us proud of him. Thanks to his design we fulfilled our promise of attracting customers.

Now we gathered all ingredients to be ready for our product launch in March!


Blue-White-Red K-olors for KIOne

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…or how to have a dev team work in a joyful atmosphere

We are so proud of our small robot who learned new tricks in such a short time. It took him only very few hours to become a good supporter of his favorite team, and move to the beat of the Euro song.

A big thank you to his tutors Corentin, Matthias and Nathan


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